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Finding the strong name of an assembly

Posted on August 18, 2010
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Sometimes when you're developing things for SharePoint, you need to reference the strong name of your assembly. It's not inherently obvious how to do this, so here's a quick heads on how to use Reflector to do it. First head over to Red Gate's website and download Reflector if you don't already have it installed.

Next, build your VS2008 solution. I usually use the WSPBuilder build command, but the regular build should work just the same.

Building a solution using WSPBuilder

Building a solution using WSPBuilder

Now start up Reflector, navigate to where your DLL was build and drag and drop it into Reflector. It should load automatically. Select the DLL and you should see the Strong Name in the yellow box at the bottom.

Reflector showing the assembly Strong Name

The assembly name is listed in the yellow box at the bottom

Now just copy the name from the yellow box at the bottom of Reflector and paste it wherever it is you need it.

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