A change of scenery…

I’ve decided that using Joomla for a CMS is too much work, and I’d rather just have something that works. I’ve spent way too much time fiddling with configurations and settings and all sorts of problems that just makes it hard and annoying to post and update my content.

Enough is enough.

So I’m slowly moving all my content from the old site into the new site. The new url is https://aarebrot.net/blog, although just going to the main domain will send you to the right place. I’ll put up redirects for most of the old content, except for some of the more obscure stuff that nobody ever views.

If you want to visit the old site, it’s still available at http://aarebrot.net/site.

If you’re subscribing to the RSS feed on the old site, you’ll have re-subscribe to the new site’s feed.

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