Holy cow! I won something!

If you’ve ever worked with SharePoint 2007, chances are you’ve probably heard of Gary Lapointe and his excellent stsadm commands. They’ve made my life easier more than once.

Turns out Gary is venturing into the adventures of being an independent consultant, and to celebrate he announced a contest about a month back. The prize? Two lucky winners get one Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Ultimate subscription each. He just announced the winners yesterday and it turns out, I’m one of the two lucky winners!

I certainly didn’t expect that to happen, but I’m very happy (of course) that my name was drawn. I’ve been getting by on Express editions and Trials for my development of SnipSnip (I am working on a new version, but it’s coming along very slowly) and my tribulations into SharePoint 2010, so this is a great chance for me to crunch hard and learn tons.

So a big thanks to Gary, and good luck with your adventures. I wish you the best of luck.

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