Tower Defense prototype update – now with sound!

I’ve uploaded another video of my Tower Defense prototype. I’ve managed to fix my audio drivers so it includes sound effects and music this time. Not a whole lot of visible changes since last time, since a lot of the stuff I’ve been working on has been underlying stuff.I’ve changed the font to be a retro style C64 font. I’m thinking the game will probably end up being a 8-bit retro style game so this font should be quite suitable.

The sounds were made with SFXR, which is an absolutely excellent 8-bit sound effects making tool. Just hit the button until something you like comes up, then export it to .wav. Very nice.

Music was graciously provided by Apricorn.

Towers can now be upgraded and sold. Towers start out at level 1, with a max level of 5. Damage, Range and Rounds/second can all be upgraded, and what gets upgraded varies from tower to tower and level to level. It’s also not visible in the video, but towers gain XP when they kill monsters and if they get enough XP they will upgrade on their own.

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