A look back at 2010

I noticed a few of the blogs I follow are doing this, and while I don’t know if anyone actually cares, I decided to do a little “Year in review” of my blog for 2010 as well.  I have been blogging for a couple of years now, but I really just started doing it consistently(-ish) this past year. As a result, traffic to my blog has gone up quite a bit from January of last year to the end of December.

The most notable happening of the year was that I moved from using Joomla to using WordPress. So far I’ve been nothing but happy about my change. It was a bit of work in the beginning to move my content over and I still have a few things I haven’t moved. But overall WordPress is hands down easier to manage, write posts with, and customize. I have some minor beef with inconsistencies in IE (especially the IE9 beta). But I usually use Chrome to write up my posts and it works great.

In 2010 my blog had 19902 visits, up from 6860 visits in 2009. Quite a significant jump. It also had 27918 page views, which was up from 10465.

The top 5 visitor countries, with their respectable share of traffic, were Unites States (29.81%), India (10.28%), United Kingdom (7.74%), Canada (4.99%), and Australia (3.79%).

As for referral sources, 74.12% was from search engines (mostly Google), while 13.84% came from referring sites and 11.89% was direct traffic.

Of the search engine traffic, the keywords with the most incoming traffic (in order) were space rangers 2 pizza quest, space rangers 2 pizza, blueband.master, powershell get all contenttypes, and event receivers in sharepoint 2007. I guess a lot of people have problems with making pizzas in Space Rangers 2. Maybe I should rename my blog to “SharePoint and Pizza recipes!”.

The top site referrals were: social.msdn.microsoft.com, sharepointkb.wordpress.com, alternativeto.net, sharepointmalarkey.com, and stackoverflow.com.

When it comes to my content, it was a bit tricky to gather the data. That said, here’s an approximation of the top 5 posts:

  1. Frodes awesome list of SharePoint Column Field IDs
  2. Customizing the Quick Launch and Navigation bars
  3. Frodes awesome list of SharePoint Column Field IDs for SharePoint 2010
  4. Creating event receivers in SharePoint 2007 with WSP Builder
  5. Creating custom list event receivers in SharePoint 2007

Overall the traffic on my blog has increased a lot over the last year. The least visited month was January with the most visited being November. It’s been rising steadily through the year, with November peaking at 4 and a half times the January number.

2010 in review

Monthly traffic for 2010

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