Frode and Donald

Me (left) and Donald Duck (right)

Hi. My name is Frode. I was born and raised in Norway, but I moved to Canada in 2005. I’ve since gotten married and settled down here.¬†I’m a SharePoint / C# developer, but I also have a background in avionics/electronics.

I work for a great company called Solvera Solutions in the best city on the Canadian prairies.

I try to mostly write about stuff that I need to remember for later but I¬†occasionally post software I’ve written or just general tips and hints that I come across. I’ve also started doing presentations so if you’d like me to present on a topic, head on over to the contact me page to get in touch.

What’s with the duck in the picture? Well, as a kid I used to read a lot of Donald Duck comics. So obviously, when my wife and I went to Disney World for our honey moon, which I highly recommend, I had to get my picture taken with the duck of all ducks.