Troubleshooting SharePoint 2007: Clicking buttons in Central Administration does nothing

Yesterday I was helping a colleague of mine setting up her SharePoint 2007 virtual machine, and at one point she needed to make some changes in Central Administration. Problem was, when she clicked the “OK” (or “Cancel”) buttons after having put in her new settings nothing happened. No page load, no error, no nothing. Continue reading

SharePoint 2010 and IntelliTrace – Can I really have my cake and eat it too?

IntelliTrace is one of the major new features in Visual Studio 2010. It’s a DVR on steroids for your debugging session. Unfortunately in it’s first iteration IntelliTrace was only available for 32 bit applications, which means SharePoint 2010 was a no-go. Turns out that with the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 beta, IntelliTrace is now available for x64 and, you guessed it, SharePoint 2010.

Apparently this is old news. The beta came out in December of last year, so forgive me for being a bit behind the times here. My December was pretty busy with SharePoint training, holiday shopping and last minute Microsoft certification preparation/exam, and I missed out on the announcement. But once I heard I was instantly excited. Can it really be true?

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A quick look at the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard

One of the cool things in SharePoint 2010 is the Developer Dashboard. This gives you all sorts of insightful information about the page you are currently on. In addition to the out of the box information it provides, you can also add your own custom information to it. Here’s a quick write up on how to get going using the dashboard.

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Troubleshooting SharePoint: Your search cannot be completed because of a service error.

A colleague of mine, lets call him Jereme, came across this and he suggested I post it on my blog, so here goes. One of his clients where having issues with one of their search scopes. Whenever a user would try to do a search with one of the custom scopes, they would receive an error saying “Your search cannot be completed because of a service error. Try your search again or contact your administrator for more information.”. It only occurred with this one search scope.

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Troubleshooting Sharepoint error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x81070215

I just came across this error when activating a feature with a list template and list instance. Basically I hit the Activate button and was greeted by this less than friendly error message. If you’ve read my previous post on troubleshooting errors in SharePoint, you’ll know that the first thing I did was to crack open the tracelogs. Continue reading