SnipSnip 1.1 released!

It’s been a long time coming, but there is now a new version of SnipSnip available for download. I’ve had a half broken version with new features for the longest time, but I never got around to getting it into a releasable state. The last little while however I’ve been using it a lot more and some of the issues have really been bothering me. I decided to sit down and remove some of the stuff that obviously wasn’t going to work while also fixing some of the small errors that could be sorted out. The result is SnipSnip 1.1.

What’s new? A few things, but these are the biggest changes:

  • One can now zoom and scroll captures at will
  • Clean the background of transparent Aero windows
  • Ellipse drawing tool
  • SnipSnip now checks for updates automatically (can be disabled)
  • Flip and rotate captures

There’s also a slew of bug fixes. Check the change log for more details. Head over to the SnipSnip page to download.

Solvera LipDub Project

Working for a great company has it’s benefits and sometimes we get to do really fun stuff. Be it working with people we respect, working on products and technologies we love, or doing crazy random things for no other reason than having fun. As a consultant company it’s often hard to meet people that work on different client sites. As a result we have frequent social gatherings and the latest one was quite a special one. Check out the video below the break!

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Dear Technorati, are you joking?


Boy, oh, boy. I was ready to write a big long rant about this but I don’t think I want to commit the time or effort.

We realize that putting this odd code text into your feed means that all of your feed followers (and perhaps Twitter, Facebook, and other sites) will see it, but it’s the best method we’ve found so far to demonstrate to us that you control the blog.

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The best method you’ve found so far? Really? Really? I can think of several reasons for why you wouldn’t want to do it that way, and at least 2 methods that are far superior. From both a “more reliable way of making sure the correct person is claiming”, and a “no impact to the blogs readers” standpoint.

A look back at 2010

I noticed a few of the blogs I follow are doing this, and while I don’t know if anyone actually cares, I decided to do a little “Year in review” of my blog for 2010 as well.  I have been blogging for a couple of years now, but I really just started doing it consistently(-ish) this past year. As a result, traffic to my blog has gone up quite a bit from January of last year to the end of December.

The most notable happening of the year was that I moved from using Joomla to using WordPress. So far I’ve been nothing but happy about my change. It was a bit of work in the beginning to move my content over and I still have a few things I haven’t moved. But overall WordPress is hands down easier to manage, write posts with, and customize. I have some minor beef with inconsistencies in IE (especially the IE9 beta). But I usually use Chrome to write up my posts and it works great.

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