How to remove the “I Like It” and “Tags & Notes” buttons from the ribbon in SharePoint 2010

I’ve seen this question pop up on the forums from time to time, and it an understandable business requirement. Not every company want these buttons on their internal (or external) websites. Now my first thought to get rid of these was to use the HideCustomAction functionality, but after digging around for a big I realized there’s a far easier way to turn it off. Continue reading

Adding a custom button to the ribbon using a feature in SharePoint 2010

I know a lot of people don’t like the Ribbon, but I personally love it. It’s being put into more and more of Microsoft (and third party!) applications and SharePoint 2010 is no exception. But how do you go about and customize it? I’ve been looking at doing so for the last few days, and I’m glad to say that so far it’s not too tricky.

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