Second look at Tower Defense prototype built with XNA

Here’s a second look at the Tower Defense game that I’ve been working on. It’s still quite early in the development stage, but there’s been some significant additions since the last video. Most notably, although it’s not obvious in the video, is the addition of sound effects. Unfortunately I was unable to get CamStudio to record with audio, so you can’t actually hear it. Bummer.

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Early prototype of Tower Defense game – XNA

Here’s the first look at the Tower¬†Defense¬†game that I’ve been building. It’s still in the early stages, but there’s quite a bit of the nitty gritty groundwork that’s already been done. There’s only one level at the moment, but it’s loaded from the content pipeline and can easily be replaced with a different level. Waves are also loaded in the same fashion, and since they’re defined in XML, they can be added very easily. Continue reading

Automatic XNB serialization of classes contained within classes

I’ve been playing around with XNA for a few months now, although I have nearly nothing to show for it so far, but I figured I should probably start writing down my thoughts so I can remember them for later.

Right now I’m in the early stages of creating a Tower Defense game. Yes I know, very original. But I figure it’s a very good game type for a learning experience. There’s a wide range of things you need to figure out, but the scope of the game itself is not too big that it becomes overwhelming. Continue reading